Analysis platform

Our software consists of a cross-platform WebApp, which means that it can be used on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer without installation.

The platform consists of a coach interface and a player interface.

As a coach, you have the option of managing your entire team. You have the performance data of your entire team processed and simply visualized. You can also rate each player with your personal assessment. This allows you to back up your subjective perception with objective measurements. The performance level of your players will increase. That’s a promise!

As an athlete, you can give yourself personal feedback, upload and evaluate your performance data yourself and compare your performance level within your team.

Two-sided interface

As a trainer, you have a variety of functions at your disposal to coach your team in the best possible way.

Automated processes

Upload your data and mymatics will do the rest for you.

Load control in real time

Control your players in real time and individually determine the load.

Performance data displayed visually

Get a quick overview with clear graphs.

Personal assessment

In addition to the objective data, you also have the opportunity to give subjective ratings.

Clear performance data

mymatics processes the performance data you provide and displays it clearly.

With just one glance, you can see who in your team is above the team average. For specific data, you receive easy-to-understand graphs that show the performance level of your players.

Load control in real time

Monitor your players during a training session and precisely control the individual load.

Receive important information about the fitness and health status of the athletes and adapt the training plans individually.

Real-time load control allows you to significantly reduce the risk of injury and increase training efficiency.

External and self-assessment in the team overview

In addition to the objective data collection, coaches and players have the opportunity to give a personal assessment of their performance. Significant deviations are highlighted visually. This way, coaches and players know immediately which areas need to be discussed again.

As a player, you can constantly compare yourself with your teammates in the team overview. And as a coach, you can see where your team’s potential weaknesses lie.


You can register with us as a coach or as a player.

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