Collection of performance data based on the latest GPS technology (accuracy of 30 cm) – recording of maximum speed, running distance, average speed and 30 other data points. Of interest for outdoor sports due to GPS technology. Indoor sports are also to follow via optical tracking – see pillar 3. Cost point of a GPS set with 10 trackers currently at EUR 4,499 net incl. docking station etc. – here we are currently still relying on a hardware partner, in the long term we are pushing ahead with the development of our own GPS tracker.

Internal memory

The internal memory stores up to 350 hours of data.

6 hours running time

The battery lasts up to 6 hours in use.

GNSS sensor

The position detection is accurate to 30 cm and the speed is determined to an accuracy of 0.05 m/s.

Super light

At 35 g, you will hardly notice the tracker.


Easy charging and synchronization thanks to USB-C charging station.

State-of-the-art technology

We have built the highest level of technology into the small and lightweight tracker (10Hz GNSS, IMU, BLE & ANT).

Data transmission

The internal memory enables data storage of up to 350 hours. The performance data can be transferred individually or together (with the help of our docking station) via a USB-C cable.

Optimum wearing comfort

The lightweight GPS tracker disappears completely into the specially designed vest and enables optimum wearing comfort. The positioning between the player’s shoulder blades enables extremely precise data collection and reduces the risk of injury.


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