Heart rate

Our heart rate belt is tailored to the needs of athletes. It contains the most important functions for effective training. Its compact design makes it very easy to use.

A color code indicates the current load range. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the connection lasts across the entire playing field.

In conjunction with our mymatics platform, this enables unique real-time load control for the entire team.

Heart rate in real time

The tracker transmits your data to our mymatics platform in real time.


The battery lasts up to 16 hours in use and therefore lasts for several training sessions.

Optimum wearing comfort

Securely attached to your chest, it won’t irritate you during training.

Radio range up to 200 m

The enormous radio range ensures reliable transmission across the entire playing field.

Water-protected to IP67

The water protection ensures that you can continue training even in heavy rain.

State-of-the-art technology

The advanced “MAXIM sensor” provides you with accurate heart rate data.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the connection to the tablet or notebook remains stable up to 150 m. Whether outside on the soccer pitch or indoors playing basketball, the heart rate is transmitted reliably. However, if the connection is lost, the mate and the end device can be found again in a flash thanks to “reconnect”.

Feedback by color code

Thanks to the color code, you get a quick assessment of which load zone you are in during training.

If you exceed your maximum heart rate, the mate lights up red and sends a vibration signal. High time to reduce the intensity of your training! This prevents overloading and prevents injuries.

Team overview

As a coach, you can connect all players wearing a mate in our mymatics web app, which you can open on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Once all the heart rate monitors are connected, the real-time load of all players is clearly displayed. You can see at a glance where injuries are imminent or where the intensity can still be increased. This is how you train today!


You can register with us as a coach or as a player.

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