We transform
the way you train.

matics enables youth, amateur and professional teams to collect, process and refine load and performance data.

We help you to clearly present your team’s performance and generate objective data with our trackers. This gives you the opportunity to spend more time for and with your team and thus help them make the best possible progress.


Analyze your performance in the game!
Whether with the help of GPS vests, heart rate monitors or manual documentation, our software analyzes your performance data and displays it clearly.


Define goals and receive professional feedback based on your previously analyzed performance data.
Use the software to create a portfolio of yourself and compare it with your trainer’s assessment, or receive automated feedback from our program.


Keep an overview!
Our software not only tracks your performance data, but also provides you with an overview of your development.

The technology

Our technology consists of three core areas: Heart rate – mate, GPS data – ASI.swiss and an analysis platform – mymatics. When all components are used, we can analyze your game optimally. But don’t worry, the heart rate monitor mate alone provides great statistics and makes your team better!


Analysis platform

Heart rate

GPS tracker


You can register with us as a coach or as a player.

Do you want to catapult your team into the digital age with modern technology?
With or without a team - you can optimize your fitness level with our help!



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