sRPE module

Using the sRPE question module will improve the performance and well-being of your athletes, help you to better manage and customize load and recovery, and ensure that your players are training at a healthy and effective level.

Avoidance of excessive or insufficient demands

Avoiding over- or under-exertion is crucial for safe and effective training.

Load determination for training dosage

Load determination plays a central role in determining the correct training dosage.

Recovery monitoring for optimal training

Recovery monitoring is crucial for optimal training as it allows adjustments to be made to avoid injury and improve performance.

Direct & anonymous feedback

Direct and anonymous feedback enables honest opinions to be expressed and suggestions for improvement to be made without revealing your identity, thus promoting continuous development.

Injury prevention

Injury prevention is crucial to ensure health and safety during training.

low time expenditure

The questionnaire can be completed in under three minutes!

How does the matics Sports sRPE questionnaire work?

The sRPE questionnaire offers an efficient and precise method for assessing the training load and build-up in athletes. The procedure of this tool is very simple and helps to adapt training optimally:
After a training session, players receive an e-mail with the sRPE questionnaire within 30 minutes. This questionnaire consists of just seven questions that can be answered in less than three minutes. This short and concise survey allows athletes to quickly and easily assess their perceived effort and the effectiveness of their training.
The rating is on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being no effort and 10 being maximum effort. This simple rating allows players to clearly express their subjective perception of the training session.
An important advantage of this approach is that the coach receives a clear overview of the players’ perceptions immediately after completing the questionnaire. The quick feedback allows the coach to make immediate adjustments to the training session. For example, if the players indicate a high level of strain, the coach can reduce the intensity or shorten the duration of training to avoid overloading and injuries. Conversely, if the perceived exertion is low, the intensity can be increased to make the training more effective.
Overall, the matics Sports sRPE questionnaire provides an efficient way to capture players’ perceptions of training load and build-up and allows coaches to adjust their training in real time to achieve the best possible results.


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